Hog & Deer Hunting Packages & Pricing!

A 30% deposit is required for the amount of the entire hunt and is to be mailed to:

677 FM 132 Crockett, Texas 75835

Upon arrival the remainder of the hunt is to be paid unless we have made other arrangements. If you would like to try any other hunting packages that are not listed please call.


Wild Hog hunts are one of BDP Farms specialties. Wild hogs can be hunted night or day all year long with a generous bag limit. A license is required for hunt hog whether you are a Texas resident or not. Our farm in the Trinity River Bottom has an abundant supply of wild hogs. We have many hunters that prefer to use a bow, but that is entirely up to the hunter. We would like to preserve the wildlife is on our farm so we would like for hunters to take no more than two hog per hunter per day. We have enough stands to accommodate 10 hunters per group.

Price: $100 per day per gun


Deer hunting has not been allowed on BDP Farms for the last 10 years. We have a large selection of whitetail deer of all ages. Deer hunting is only allowed during the state season. Deer hunting in Leon County is different than hog hunting. The state of Texas has limitations on the number, and width of a buck that can be harvested.

The width is a minimum of 13 inches, but you can kill a spike or a 3 point buck. We will have doe tags available. There is also a weekend during the regular season in which doe deer can be harvested with out a tag.

Prices: Bucks
    $200.00 per gun per day
    $600.00 13 inches to 16 outside
    $800.00 16 inches to 20 outside
    $1200.00 20 inches and up

Doe - $350.00 per Doe


We have lodging available for all hunters. Currently our new facility is under construction. We will have enough room to comfortably sleep 10 people. If you prefer to stay in one of the hotel in Crockett you may do that also. Please call if you need any assistance reserving a room.

Price: $150 per night


An ice chest will be needed to transport the game that you kill. You will also need to bring all your own ammunition. If you plan on staying in our lodge, we do have bunk beds, however, you will need to bring your own linens. You are responsible for your own meals and beverages. We provide: coffee machine, refrigerator, plates, cups, utensils, Bar-B-Q pit, and other items for your use. Just call if you have any questions regarding the items we provide, and we will do the best we can to accommodate you.


Always know your surroundings and where others are hunting. Wearing safety orange (vests and caps) is recommended for our hunters. Always check your gun for restrictions in the barrel. For more information on hunting rules and regulations you can check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife website at www.tpwd.state.tx.us.

Call or E-mail today for more information!

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